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Agarwood Essential Oil 15ml  - AA (HKD20,000)
Agarwood Essential Oil 15ml  - AA (HKD20,000)
Agarwood Essential Oil 15ml  - AA (HKD20,000)


Agarwood Essential Oil 15ml - AA (HKD20,000)


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Agarwood essential oil are rare and preciously valued, It is still impossible to synthesize or duplicate agarwood essential oil even in today's world. It was used in ancient India for it's pure aromatic nature for yoga practitioner followed by the Buddhist tradition, Chinese medicine also integrated agarwood into Buddhist and taoist medicinal purposes. The aroma of agarwood are mysterious and has a special function. In the past, it was the criterion for measuring various fragrances in the high-end cosmetics. The most advanced perfumes, sesame oils, rouge, and famous wines contains agarwood. it is still the same practice in the modern era, it has the following functions: Agarwood essential oil has a good stabilizing effect for nerves, and can effectively helps in sleep quality.

Relieve tension, memory support and mood enhancer.
Agarwood Essential Oil is a natural wound healer which helps to stop bleeding, relieve pain, anti-inflammatory and scar healing properties. It will instantly stop bleeding when agarwood essential oil is evenly applied to the affected area. The affected area will not have redness and inflammation on the next day.
It can be used as an offering to Buddha, or apply directly on altar items and prayer beads for maintenance purposes. Rub the Agarwood Essential Oil on Buddha Statue (avoiding the face) for a solemn buddha statue. It can also be applied to the practitioner’s body to calm and refresh the mind.

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