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Agarwood Incense Round Coil - HKD336
Agarwood Incense Round Coil - HKD336
Agarwood Incense Round Coil - HKD336
Agarwood Incense Round Coil - HKD336
Agarwood Incense Round Coil - HKD336


Agarwood Incense Round Coil - HKD336


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Agarwood Incense Benefits Agarwood incense has many great benefits for the mind, body and spirit. In ancient history it has been used mainly for it’s spiritual benefits such as warding off evil spirits, creating good fortune and is a g ood incense for cleansing and purifying the body.

The difference between agarwood and sandalwood?
Agarwood and sandalwood are two different fragrances with different tastes. Agarwood is restrained and sandalwood is strong and public. Preferences are base on each individual and never the same. It is not easy to judge the quality of the two by price.


Why do natural fragrances doesn't smells good?
Natural agarwood is often fresh and elegant (health incense, Tibetan incense has a relatively strong flavor when added with traditional Chinese medicine), and most of the strong flavors are chemical incense. Long-term use of incense sticks with artificial chemical flavors are not recommended.

Why are natural fragrances easy to break and perish? What should I do if the fragrance is broken?
Since no chemical binders and accelerants are added to ensure that the fragrances are pure and natural, they are fragile and easy to break. Please reach out to us if you have received faulty item within 24 hours, provide pictures of the broken item and to us and our customer support executive will assist you accordingly.

We will reissue the broken item, alternative you may grind the incense into powder and smoke it with an electronic incense burner, or incense in the form of fire-proof incense.
Can pregnant women smell incense?
It is recommended to use agarwood with casual occasion with limitation. it is not adviseable to use incense during pregnancy. Fragrance contained musk, saffron and chemical products are forbidden duriing pregnancy.
Why are your fragrances so fine?
Thicker incense sticks will produce large smoke at the same time, so the particles inhaled into the nose will be solid, which will affect the effect of incense, do not worry as this is normal so does the incense is safe for usage.

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