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Agartea Canned Drink - Stevia (1box [20 Can]) HKD240
Agartea Canned Drink - Stevia (1box [20 Can]) HKD240


Agartea Canned Drink - Stevia (1box [20 Can]) HKD240

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Agarwood tea is made from the leaves and branches of agarwood trees. There are no preservatives, artificial flavors, and caffeine in the tea. Agarwood tea formulated by the emperor prescriptions in ancient classics. Agarwood is a tropical and subtropical evergreen plant that grows from the ground to 40 meters high and is a rare and precious medicinal plant in the world.

Agarwood tea is made from white eucalyptus leaves with rich tastes. The appearance of the tea is light in golden colour, perfect moisture and full of rich aroma.

Agarwood contains many trace elements needed by the human body. It can be used for long-term to improve the body and enhance physical function and delay aging. It is a super healthy and natural drinks. Agarwood can determine its quality through its origin, taste, and the quality of agarwood.

The most important part of this tin of agar tea is sugar free.

The benefits of Agarwood Tea:

Rich in natural antioxidants / anticancer properties
Detoxify the body
Natural beneficial to the skin, rich in vitamins and minerals
Enhance digestion and intestinal function
Eliminate premature aging, skin disease, promote revival, beauty and skin rejuvination
Promote calming effect and relieve stress
Improve blood circulation, stabilize and lower blood sugar, blood pressure
Enrich sleep quality and reduce insomnia
Relieve and treat the respiratory system and eliminate flatulence
Fight against uric acid (gout)
Prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and strengthen heart muscles
Help in reducing body fat
Weight management and the effect of healthy bowel movements or constipation







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