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CO2 Agarwood Essential Oil 3ml (1bottle) HKD6000


CO2 Agarwood Essential Oil 3ml (1bottle) HKD6000


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Agarwood essential oil is very rare and precious, and it is still impossible to synthesize and replicate agarwood essential oil artificially today. It was used in ancient India. Since the pure aroma therapy in yoga medicine followed the tradition of Buddhism, Chinese medicine has also been integrated into Buddhist medicine and Taoist health care. The aroma of agarwood is mysterious and has a special function of fixing the aroma. In the past, it was the criterion for measuring various fragrances and high-end cosmetics. The most advanced perfumes, sesame oils, rouge, and famous wines contain agarwood. For modern people, it has the following functions: Agarwood essential oil has a good stabilizing effect on nerves, and can effectively help sleep quality and practice.

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