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Agarwood Perfume - Marine 100ml (HKD3000)


Agarwood Perfume - Marine 100ml (HKD3000)


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Feel calm and attract nobles to support and improve wealth
Recruiting popularity to improve women's attractiveness and self-confidence
Enhance personal charm, double the magnetic field of energy, increase the affinity of the opposite sex

Attractiveness enhances femininity and self-confidence, blending beautifully with fresh and elegant green floral and musk base notes.
Feel calm, attract noble support, improve wealth,
A fragrant woody trail with oriental floral and precious wood aromas.
Enhance personal charm, double energy magnetic field, improve heterosexuality, . The pleasant aroma of lily of the valley, mixed with the aroma of apple, cedar and agarwood.

Fragrant wood trails with oriental floral and precious wood aromas

Blends beautifully with a fresh and elegant base of green floral and musk

Delightful aroma of lily of the valley with apple, cedar and agarwood

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